Concrete Slab Moisture Testing

Concrete Slab Moisture Testing

It might be worth the investment to have your concrete tested prior to installing floor covering materials.

If concrete has high levels of moisture in it then the floor that is installed over it could become damaged over time. Carpet and padding could develop a mold problem from the moisture. Hardwood floors and laminates could start to delaminate or warp and ceramic tile could start to uplift and become loose as the grout starts to crack.

Damaged floor claims usually work off of a sudden and accidental occurrence. Say a roof leaked and damaged the floor, or a plumbing pipe or fixture leaked from a ruptured pipe.

That said claims filed for floors damaged over time will typically be denied.

Another thing to remember is that once you file a claim it will be on your claim record. Yes, no matter if it was a covered loss or not. That’s right, a claim filed or even an inquiry to the claims department is considered and placed on the property address claim record.

Inclosing, if you are considering replacing your floor because it was damaged from moisture then you might consider looking into hiring an engineering firm to see the moisture levels and cost. Typically a cost factor of $1.00 per square foot is common.

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