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We can represent you as your personal private public adjuster charging a contingency fee that is based on the damages sustained on a individual basis. We will notify the claims department, protect the property from further damage by performing the necessary emergency repairs, create a unit cost line item estimate that is used specifically in this industry by insurance companies. Meet with the adjuster and the carrier's experts. Push back on low ball settlement offers maximizing your benefits.

Educate yourself with our 9-STEP Video Home Claims Course designed for maximum claim recovery...

Knowledge is Power

Our video claim course is a fantastic value. If you feel that you would like to save money and negotiate your claim yourself, then have at it.

We are here to help guide you through the entire home claims process with our coaching services. No other public adjusting firm offers this for you. We are the first . Our 9 step Home Claim Course is a GOLD MINE and a Treasure Cove of material JAMB PACK with industry specific information with regards to the property damage home insurance claim recovery process. Which allows you to maximize a home claim settlement yourself. SAVING MONEY!

Unit Cost Line Item Estimating

That's Right...with the right information and photographs sent to us we can generate an accurate detailed unit cost line item estimate specific to your geographical area. This is a great check and balance tool for comparing estimates with the insurance company's estimate when pricing discrepancies develop.


Hiring a public adjuster that does nothing but takes takes and accepts the very first settlement proposal presented by the insurance company is not ethical as far as we are concerned. That is…UNLESS the insurance company is paying for every line item listed in the public adjuster’s estimate.

Showing up to meet with the insurance company adjuster or their representative in their $90,000.00 vehicle without presenting a unit cost line item estimate, stating what you are claiming reflects the damages sustained to your property as the result of the sudden and accidental incident that caused the damages, and establishes a dollar amount as to what YOU the policyholder is claiming. Public Adjusters such as these are ruining the industry and are doing you a huge dis-service. SCAMMERS…Making Easy Money For Doing Nothing


Rick Kinney from Advocate Public Adjustment, LLC has been negotiating first party property damage home insurance claim settlements on behalf of the policyholder since 1992 full-time practice. We are your TRUE Advocate in Property Damage Home Insurance Claims. It’s our name sake. We offer many types of services that help you.

1. By representing you as your Bucks County Public Adjuster.

2. Giving you the tools and information needed to do this yourself. Property Claim Tips HOME CLAIM COURSE.

3.Consulting coaching services depending on what stage of the claims process you are in and based on the merits of your specific claim. We can coach you through…

4. Need an Estimate for the property damages sustained?

5. Pricing Dispute Resolution- we can act as your chosen appraiser. 


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